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As medical tourism is quickly becoming a viable alternative to medical care in the U.S., MedRetreat is at the forefront of providing value added services to the serious medical tourist, all at a fraction of the cost. 
To avoid the long waiting list of free membership services, you now have the option of enrolling in our Gold Club Membership Program which entitles you to accelerated medical travel service. Although this fee is non-refundable, it will be credited to your account and applied to your deposit at the appropriate time. So, for the serious applicant, there is no additional cost. 
Please Note: This offer is limited to 50 people per month and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
Gold Club Member - List of Services
  • U.S. Program Manager Assistance – Unlimited consultation with a qualified personal manager to help you acquire all the knowledge necessary to experience a successful medical retreat. Many of our Program Managers have visited the health tourism destinations we offer service to and can be a valuable source of information. It's best to discover all the nuances of your destination before you arrive. There is no substitute for preparedness.
  • Destination Program Manager Services - Your Personal Assistant will be your friend away from home to take care of all your transportation needs and personal desires. Their services are well worth the price. It's best to avoid miscommunication between our respective cultures to better ensure your safety.
  • Unlimited MedRetreat Website Access - Explore the wealth of information on our website. We will also help to guide your through all the specific areas of interest.
  • Comprehensive Quotation – Receive a thorough quotation Including pricing, hospital information, doctor's bio, doctor's recommendations and hotel accommodations.
  • Detailed Itinerary – Time line of all aspects of the Medical Retreat.
  • Air Travel Arrangements – Contract discounted pricing available to MedRetreat clients.
  • Travel Insurance Opportunities - Alleviate any travel concerns by Insuring your trip against potential setbacks.
  • Hotel Accommodation Reservations - 5 Star Hotel access in every destination. We've experienced these hotels first hand and can attest to their claims of quality and cleanliness. Beware of internet advertised hotels other than those we recommend. We've visited many of the competing hotels surrounding our affiliates. They look great in photos but leave much to be desired in person.
  • Procedure Treatment Information - To help you research your surgical alternatives, please review your procedure options via these helpful links. Although many of our clients are well informed of their condition, there is always something more to learn. Please take the time to research your ailment and procedure options.
  • Hospital/Doctor Bios - Specific information about the hospitals and doctors are an important aspect to choosing the right facility to perform your procedure. This information will allow you to make an informed decision about selecting where your surgery will be performed and by whom.
  • Doctor Consultation - On site consultation before your surgery. Also, before you leave home, the doctor will be happy answer specific questions about your condition. MedRetreat will facilitate the exchange of information.
  • Medical Questionnaire Facilitation to Hospital - Complete medical questionnaire form will be forwarded to you for specific information about your medical history. This form will be forwarded to your surgeon and will help to determine your qualifications for the procedure you seek.
  • Procedure Scheduling - Detailed schedule of surgical events and follow-up services.
  • Pre-Surgery Consultation in Destination - Before you commit to your surgery, you will have the opportunity to meet with your doctor to confirm your decision to move forward. This will also serve as a discovery process for the doctor to make any further recommendations based on your physical condition that was not identified in your medical questionnaire or transcripts.
  • Post Treatment Recuperation Plans - We will discuss your plans to either relax and recuperate,or, to enjoy the interesting attractions your destination offers. This will be contingent upon the type of operation you will be experiencing and your personal recovery progress.
  • Post-Op Products Online Store - A host of products are available through our affiliates online store at a cost savings.
  • Traveler Vaccination Information - Although you are not required to have vaccinations before traveling abroad, we recommend visiting the CDC's website for information about the risks of traveling without proper vaccinations. We strongly suggest your consideration of proper vaccinations, not only for traveling abroad, but also to avoid disease while living in the U.S. as well.
  • Passport/Visa Assistance - We will help you obtain the necessary travel documents for access into your desired destination country.
  • Transcript Digital Duplication Service - To most effectively receive a firm price quotation abroad, we will need to send your transcripts to your selected hospital. In lieu of submitting your originals, we have an affiliate partner in California that will digitally copy your information to be forwarded overseas without compromising your originals.
  • Financing Opportunities - If you cannot afford your medical procedure at this time, our affiliate will help to locate a finance company to provide the required money necessary for your medical retreat. In many cases, you can receive one year interest free terms if you are a good credit risk.
  • U.S. Bank Holding Account - If you did not book your procedure through MedRetreat, you would be required to send the total amount of your procedure costs, in advance, to the hospital overseas. To help alleviate your concerns of fraud, we will allow you to deposit a small portion of your fees into our U.S. bank account for transfer to your overseas medical facility only after you have had your doctor's consultation and have decided to move forward. You will pay the balance due to the hospital by credit card once your surgery has been completed. In the unlikely event that you decide not to receive treatment, your money will be immediately refunded to you by MedRetreat, an American company. No worries about collecting from an unknown, overseas business.
  • Travel Tips - A helpful resource of information about planning your trip.
  • Suggesting Reading Material - We'll provide you with recommendations of books to read and audio tapes to listen to during your retreat. This information will prove to be fruitful to your psychological well-being during recovery.
  • International Calling Card Outlet - Access to calling cards at reduced phone rates to keep in touch with your family and friends while away from home.
  • Cell Phone Arrangements - International cell phones and SIM cards to keep you in communication with your family, friends and overseas contacts.
  • A/C Power Converter Resources - Many of our destinations do not provide access to 110 volt electricity. You'll need to bring along a power converter and/or adapter to use your U.S. appliances. We provide the information to purchase these accessories.
  • Currency Converter Tool - It's important for you to understand the monetary conversion rates of currency in your chosen destination. This tool will prove to be useful in your travels.
  • Measurement Conversion Calculator - Many countries utilize the metric system for weights and measures. This tool will help you to compare our measurement system with those of other countries.
  • World Time Information - Use this link to receive information about the time difference between your region in the U.S. and your chosen destination country.
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