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Why we offer a guaranteemedretreat guarantee

At MedRetreat, we offer a low-risk guarantee to allow our members to take a leap of faith in moving forward with their medical retreat. Although we personally know the high level of quality that exists in our overseas destinations, at this point, you may not. So, we would like you to feel completely comfortable in moving forward and knowing that if you arrive in the destination country and the conditions are not acceptable to you, you have the option to cancel your surgery.
To our knowledge, we're the only medical tourism company that offers this type of protection. We feel very comfortable in providing this guarantee. To date, we have never had anyone return home because of their apprehensions about the quality of our affiliates..
Our Hospital Affiliates Have Agreed to Our Terms

Our hospital partners have agreed to let us collect your deposit here in the U.S. They have also agreed not to charge you for your initial consultation and hospital tour if you are the least bit apprehensive about their capabilities. So, they will not collect any money from you unless you commit to their health tourism services once you are there. Your deposit is sent to MedRetreat instead. Before you depart the U.S., we will collect a 20% deposit from you to book the surgery. This money remains in the U.S., under our control, to be easily refunded to you if you choose.

Normal Industry Policy
Under most other medical tourism situations, your deposit is sent overseas directly to the hospital. If you choose not to receive the hospital's services, there can be a cancellation fee. Sometimes as high as 80% of the total procedure costs. We want to avoid this type of situation, so, we have put this policy in place with the cooperation of our hospital affiliates.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you decide not to receive your surgery once you have met your surgeon and toured the hospital abroad, your deposit will be refunded by MedRetreat within 5 business days. 

The only costs you will be responsible for will be your airfare and hotel expenses in the destination country before you return home. Your full deposit will be refunded.
Your Best Interest

We hope you see the benefit of working with a medical travel service agency that has your best interest at heart. We have established this program for the protection of North American consumers. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your medical retreat planning process.
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