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MedRetreat is now providing audio podcasts
for your educational enjoyment. Please click
on the link that best describes your interest:
Please note: Depending on the speed of your internet access, it could take a short while for the audio file to load. Your patience will be rewarded.

To find out more about podcasting, please click the following link: Podcasting
Introductory Podcast

  • MedRetreat Introductory Podcast - We’d like to thank you for taking the time to listen to our introductory podcast about medical tourism and the services that MedRetreat offers. You’ll learn what you need to know about how to safely and pleasurably travel abroad to receive affordable medical care from board certified surgeons, at world-class medical facilities.

Procedure Podcasts

  • Hysterectomy Podcast - A 15 minute discussion about hysterectomy surgery with Dr. Suresh Kumarasamy from Penang Malaysia.
  • Orthopedic Podcast - A discussion with Dr. Veejayan Rajoo, orthopedic surgeon, answering questions about joint replacement surgery.
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To receive all podcasts produced by MedRetreat, please visit the following link:

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What is a Podcast Anyway?
A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program you download onto your computer and listen to whenever you want.
You don't need an iPod to play podcasts. All you need is free software called a "podcatcher." There are lots of podcatchers available. You can even use free online podcatchers to avoid installng software.
You can download specific MedRetreat podcasts by checking the podcast listing below, or subscribe to our free podcast "feed" so you instantly know when new podcasts are available. A "feed" is just a listing of available podcasts. You supply your podcatcher with the Web address (URL) to our "feed" and it automatically checks and notifies you when a new podcast is posted.
Once the podcast is on your computer you can listen to it using your podcatcher, your favorite media player, or transfer it onto your iPod or MP3 player to listen to anytime you want.
What's the Benefit in Subscribing to MedRetreat's Free Podcast Feed?
We all know time is pretty tight these days. You could check all your favorite Web sites everyday to find out when new podcasts are available, but who has time for that? By subscribing to our free podcast feed you leave it to the software to check-in for you. That way you waste no time, yet never miss a single show.
Sounds Great. What Do I Need to Listen to These Podcasts?
If you have an Internet connection and a computer that plays sound, you have all the physical hardware you'll need to get and play podcasts.
To download podcasts, you'll use one of the podcatchers listed below.
To play podcasts you can use your podcatcher or your favorite media player (like iTunes or Windows Media Player).
And if you want to take podcasts with you, you'll need a portable media player like an iPod, an iRiver, or another MP3 player. All you do is download the podcasts onto your computer and transfer them onto your MP3 player. If you use Apple iTunes, the downloading and transfer to your iPod gets handled automatically.
How Do I Get These Podcasts?
If you want to subscribe to a podcast and automatically receive new topics as soon as they're available (subscribing is free, by the way), there's three ways to do it:
1. Subscribe using iTunes:
If you have iTunes installed, just click the iTunes icon below to subscribe. iTunes will load, add our podcast to your iTunes library, and from then on, every new podcast will be downloaded into iTunes and, optionally, into your iPod or MP3 player.

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2. With web-based podcatchers. Click your choice below:

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3. Subscribe using a free podcatcher you install on your computer:

Below is a selection of free podcatcher programs. All you do is install one on your computer then copy and paste our podcast feed URL (shown below) into your program's "add podcast" area.
Select a Podcatcher to Download and Install On Your Computer

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Here's the URL for our podcast feed to paste into your podcatcher program:

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