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 Cinergy Health, Inc.    


Cinergy Health is an innovative healthcare company helping consumers manage their healthcare dollars with solutions for overcoming barriers in the healthcare system. Our flagship program is a discount medical plan offering a broad range of affordable health benefits and services. Cinergy Health arranges discounts with all types of health and ancillary care providers and allows you to take advantage of these savings simply by presenting your Cinergy Health Membership Card whenever you or another family member obtains medical care from participating providers.

In cooperation with Cinergy Health, Inc., MedRetreat, LLC will be assisting Cinergy Health members to receive affordable, world-class healthcare in several destinations outside of the United States.

Due to the globalization and advancement of electronic communications technology, medical tourism is now an efficient, effective and economical alternative to healthcare in the United States. As many industries have resorted to outsourcing services to other countries due to the exorbitant costs here in the U.S., medical travel has naturally followed this model with great success.

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