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MedRetreat, LLC is a U.S. based company facilitating the healthcare needs and travel desires of Americans. Please proceed to step 1 (on your left) to begin exploring your medical tourism options.

Incredible Savings Why do people want to travel abroad to undergo medical procedures? The answer is simple. Affordability. Not to mention a little bit of leisure and peaceful recuperation in complete anonymity.
Quality of Care Don’t think that low prices equal low quality. Quite the contrary, many of the most advanced medical facilities in the world exist outside of the United States, with specific programs carefully designed to attract international travelers such as your self. In fact, these global hospitals have spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of medical tourism, specifically adhering to the same high standards that we in the United States have come to trust.
Medical Tourism Medical Tourism is the practice of comfortably traveling overseas to exotic locations like Thailand, Malaysia, India, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey or South Africa where some of the best international surgeons will perform your medical treatment at world-class medical facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment. Patients are offered a wide variety of procedures in general medical surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery and dental surgery at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in the USA.
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