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 Medical Tourism Process    
We've developed a comprehensive program to best guarantee a safe and pleasurable Medical Retreat. Please take the time to review this important information.

We realize you have a choice in which medical tourism company you use. So, we'd like to show you the value of our services, up-front, to help you understand the importance of working with a company that utilizes a safe, proven, detailed process when traveling abroad for medical care. 
After investing over 15,000 hours of research and development in shaping the medical tourism industry, we would like to share our conclusions with you. No need for you to have to research on your own. However, we need your commitment and cooperation to be successful in this endeavor. We've developed the model, you can simply follow our lead. 
The following information has been assembled to give you a brief overview of our medical travel process. Based on our many years of experience, since July of 2003, we have developed a very comprehensive process that requires your understanding and cooperation. This process normally takes between 30-45 days before your are able to depart your home town, so, we must work diligently to accomplish all the necessary tasks before you begin your travels.
If we receive your full cooperation, without continual changes, the process will flow very smoothly. By following the guidelines of our health tourism model, you will have increased the chances of a very safe and pleasurable medical retreat. We look forward to working with you in an effort to providing you with the very best medical tourism services available in the world. 
Medical Tourism Program Outline

Complete the Online Membership Application Form
Please complete the online membership application form (Step 3 on the homepage.) Feel free to call us, toll free, at 1-877-876-3373 option 1, for assistance. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive unlimited support of our services. We'll begin to work for you to answer all your questions and address your concerns. You’ll receive a wealth of pertinent information that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether or not medical tourism is for you. And, if you do decide to move forward, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Discussion with our Director of Facilitation
1) In your initial consultation, we’ll request some basic medical information relating to your case.
2) Then, once we've received your files, our second consultation will cover the following points: 

  • Your physical needs and potential limitations
  • Your emotional needs and mental attitude
  • Your concerns
  • Your expectations
  • Your budget
  • Your time frame
  • And, perhaps, your next steps moving forward 

By discussing these points, we can determine if medical tourism is right for you, and if so, together we can find the best overall value based on your needs.
Your Decision to Move Forward 
Once you have made the decision to become a Gold Club Member and move forward, you will be assigned to a personal U.S. Program Manager (USPM) who will guide you through the entire process.
Review your medical procedure requirements
Your USPM will have an extensive conversation with you to understand your medical needs. Then he/she can begin the process of designing the available treatment options for your specific needs. It is very important that you identify exactly what you are seeking at this time. Changes to your desired treatment plan could potentially complicate matters. We must do our best to identify your exact needs and move forward accordingly.

Authorization Release Form
Your USPM will send you a link to a form which will give us your consent to collect and disseminate your personal information. Just click on the link, complete the info and SUBMIT. The form will be returned to us through our server. We will send a copy to your chosen hospital for their records.

Provide transcripts, MRI, x-rays, photos, etc.
For many medical procedures, the doctor will need to see your transcripts, MRI’s, x-rays, photos, etc. In order to better facilitate this process, we will need to receive digital copies of these documents. We'll send you a link to submit these files. If you do not have this information in digital format, don't worry, we have a solution for you. We have partnered with a US digital imaging company that can duplicate and digitize your records so that we can easily transfer them to your overseas physician. To ensure your total privacy, this process is absolutely secure and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.
Medical Questionnaire Submission
You will complete a medical questionnaire to best inform your surgeon of your medical history. This will advise your physician of any potential risks or conditions that may be necessary to know in conjunction with your procedures(s).
Expectations Form Submission and Potential Travel Dates
Your USPM will send you a link that asks for your expectations of the end result in receiving your procedure(s). Please provide this information so that the surgeon can determine if the end result can be achieved. We want to make certain that your expectations are in line with what can be achieved. Also, at the bottom of the form will be a request for possible travel dates. Please list two options for travel dates, then click SUBMIT.
Choosing a Hotel
You will receive an email that provides information about choosing a hotel while overseas. We ask for this information very early in the process so we can include the costs in your quotation. Once reviewed, please make a decision and email or call with your choice. Please consider your options thoroughly. We do not want to make changes further along in the process which could result in confusion.

Passport/Visa Acquisition
If you do not already possess a Passport or Visa (Visa - India, Turkey, Brazil and Argentina only) your USPM will assist you in acquiring these documents.

Receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) and accommodations
During this process, you will receive a price quotation for the procedure(s) and accommodations. Also, you'll be provided with a host of information about the procedure(s), hospital, doctors, etc.

Review the price quotation and discuss potential dates to travel
At this point, we will discuss your procedure(s) and accommodations. Also, we’ll talk about the dates you wish to plan your medical retreat. Again, please think about this very carefully. Once we choose the dates, we will check with our hospital affiliate to see if these dates are available. If the pricing is acceptable to you, we can then move on to the next steps in planning your medical retreat.

Facilitate questions you may have for your chosen surgeon
In this segment of the process, you will be allowed to pose questions or concerns you have for your chosen surgeon. We will coordinate the communication process via email in this stage. You may have an opportunity to speak directly with your surgeon further along in the process, should you so choose. And, we will pay for the teleconference. These calls are generally made in the late evening or early morning hours because of the time zone difference. Please note: Depending on the surgeon's hours of operation, this may be difficult to schedule. So, emails are always the best mode of communication.

These next three tasks must occur simultaneously

Task 1) Tentatively Book Your Procedure(s)
We will request your preferred doctor's consultation and surgery date(s). Once we receive notice that these dates are available, we can move to tentatively book your air travel and hotel accommodations.

Task 2) Tentatively Book your Air Travel
You will be directed to speak with our travel specialists to develop an air travel itinerary that best suits your needs. We ask that you contact them directly to communicate your specific needs. You will be directed via email as to the particulars. They will then send you and MedRetreat a proposed itinerary. You will have a short period to review this information before having to book the tickets (typically within 7 days.)

Task 3) Tentatively Book your Hotel Room
We will tentatively book your hotel room. You will need to provide your credit card information at this time. Your card will not be charged in advance, but, only used as a method of reserving your room. Once you arrive at the hotel, you can either choose to use the same card, or another card to settle your bill upon check-out.

Book Your Air Travel Tickets
Once we have tentatively booked the above tasks, you will then be instructed to book your air travel tickets.

Deposit funds into MedRetreat’s U.S. holding account
To help you feel more comfortable about the safety of your money, we have an agreement with our partners abroad to allow you to forward a 20% deposit into our U.S. bank account instead of transferring your money overseas. Unlike other foreign medical tourism providers, who make you pay up to 100% of the cost up front, we will only ask for a small portion of the costs to secure your booking. This way, if for any reason you decide not to move forward with your procedure, you will only pay for the services you’ve used (airfare & hotel) and receive a refund from us.

Confirm Task 1 & 2
Once we receive your deposit, we will confirm your doctor's appointment and hotel room reservations.

Itinerary to confirm procedure(s), flight, hospital, doctor and hotel
We will confirm all your reservations and submit an itinerary for your review. Please check this document carefully to understand the time line of your trip. We will also send you information very specific to your travel destination so you can be prepared to make the most of your travel experience.

Introduction to your Destination Program Manager (DPM)
When you select a destination for your medical treatment, you will be offered the services of a Destination Program Manager (DPM), the person that will greet you upon your arrival at your chosen destination, and, be your personal assistant throughout your stay. In some countries, a DPM is not necessary due to an American type culture.

Pre-travel information
Before traveling, we will provide you with a host of information about the destination you'll be traveling to. You'll also receive many emails about how to properly plan and execute your trip. Please note. You will receive at least 20 emails during this process. Please plan to allow enough time to review them and act upon their instructions (approximately 3 week process - can be accelerated with client's consent.)
Departure from your local airport
Say goodbye to your family and friends as you board your plane to begin your MedRetreat. Be sure to arrive at least 2 hours prior to your departure time.

Arrival in destination and greeted by your Destination Program Manager (DPM) or Designated Driver
If you've opted for a DPM, he/she will be your personal assistant throughout your stay. He/she is fluent in English and will be there for you every step of the way. This person will accompany you to all your doctor’s appointments and medical treatments. In some cases, you will be given a cell phone upon your arrival so that you can contact your DPM at any time. It is important for you to know that we have carefully selected the DPM’s from every country. These DPM’s are professionals with extensive experience in the medical tourism business. We have traveled to all the destinations that we offer and met with our DPM’s personally, as we understand that our reputation is in their hands.

If you have not elected to use the services of a DPM, you will be greeted at the airport by a professional driver from either the hospital, hotel, or private car and taken to the hospital or your hotel.

Pre-Surgery consultation with medical team
Within 24 hours of your arrival, you will visit your physician’s office for the pre-surgery consultation. Here, the doctor will review your medical transcripts and conduct additional tests to ensure that you are ready for your procedure.

Surgical procedure
Your procedure will be performed by the best available surgeon, at a world-class medical facility, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Post treatment recuperation
When the doctor is satisfied with your condition, you will be released from the hospital and driven back to your hotel to begin the recuperation process. During this time your main focus will be on recuperation. If you have not hired a DPM, please feel free to request any assistance from your hospital or hotel staff.

Post treatment enjoyment
After recuperating, and the surgeon is satisfied with your progress, you will be given authorization to enjoy some of the interesting attractions your destination offers. You can make arrangements with either your DPM, hotel concierge, or, through one of the local travel excursion companies in your chosen destination..

Return home
Upon your arrival home, your USPM will be available to assist you with any future requirements. 

We hope this information has been helpful in explaining the process of medical tourism. Please note, this is just a brief outline of the necessary steps to a successful medical retreat. Again, you should allow at least 30-45 days from the time you begin the process until you leave for your chosen destination. 

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