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At MedRetreat, we know that nothing is more important to our clientèle than the quality of care and expertise of our affiliate surgeons.

MedRetreat facilitates pre-consultation services for all clientèle which may include doctor/patient interaction via email and/or telephone. All doctors are board certified MD's, trained according to international standards and practices comparable to those operating in the United States.

Comprehensive Physician Profiles

Once our agents have a clear understanding of your medical travel needs, you will be given a comprehensive profile of the physician(s) specializing in your procedure. This profile includes past and recent education, accreditation, residencies, experience and more.

Only The Highest Skilled Surgeons

Our overseas affiliate hospitals know their staff better than anyone. That's why we ask them for their recommendations as to which surgeon would be the best choice for you. You won't have to worry about choosing the right doctor. These healthcare providers take a great deal of care and consideration when selecting your physician. They know international patients have very high expectations about the success of their treatment. Rest assured, our affiliate healthcare institutions want to guarantee your complete satisfaction so they may continue to build their international medical tourism business. Their reputation is at stake, so, you will receive the most experienced doctor in the field to perform your surgery.

Talk To Your Doctor

Before traveling on your health tourism journey, you will also have the opportunity to communicate directly with the physician assigned to your procedure.

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