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MedRetreat's Destination Program Manager
BRAZIL - Sao Paulo & Santos

MedNetBrazil is a UNIQUE and PIONEERING Medical Concierge Service that started after president, Christi de Moraes, completed her own journey from Morbid Obesity to WLS(DS) to finally plastic reconstruction in Brazil. Her desire was to allow post WLS patients to continue their journey to normalcy without having to fight insurance companies to pay for plastic surgery in the US and to give others the opportunity to take Massive Action to Create the Life They Want!

We were not only the FIRST Medical Concierge Service of its kind here in Brazil, but now the most professional, organized, experienced and medically competent service of its kind! Our affiliation with MedRetreat has provided a winning combination of medical tourism services to the U.S. consumer.

Hello, my name is Christi de Moraes and I’d like to share my personal story about just how MedNetBrazil came to be.

MedNetBrazil started with my own journey from Morbid Obesity and subsequent Weight Loss Surgery, (laparoscopic BPD/DS) and then onto Body Reconstruction after Massive Weight Loss, which was performed in Brazil with a very talented, skilled, and caring Plastic Surgeon. What started as temporary family relocation plans, came the possibility to finish my journey to “normalcy,” and subsequently... MedNetBrazil!

From my Weight Loss Surgery research beginnings, I knew that I wanted to give back to others like me who were interested (and yes, almost desperate!) in having procedures that would not or could not be paid for in the US. As I shared my Plastic Surgery journey, from my laptop in Brazil, with online support groups, and others like myself, just trying to get to "normal" after weight loss surgery, being told by insurance companies what was "medically necessary" or not, shocked by prices for needed procedures in the USA, and just being frustrated, I realized (and many of my peers helped me realize) that I could help others like myself by giving them the opportunity I had by coming to Brazil and having these ESSENTIAL surgeries done for a fraction of the price, by skilled and caring doctors. And by my own experience and presence, helping them every step of the way as a type of “Concierge,” I could take the fear and stress factor away from having major surgery in a foreign country. So, from this, MedNetBrazil was born in May 2003.

Our evolution is a promise and a necessity in today's world of exorbitant medical fees, lack of adequate insurance coverage, HMOs and even the FDA deciding what procedures or treatments can be performed on our own bodies! It is also natural because the world is getting smaller. We are well-informed as a people and realize that America does not hold the monopoly on excellent medical care and treatment, that the benefits of going outside the US are many and we can weigh them and decide for our own benefit. There are plenty of resources to help us research these opportunities.

MedNetBrazil, in conjunction with MedRetreat,  offers a unique handholding service to make this vision of traveling abroad to receive your medical procedure a reality. 

MedNetBrazil's Destination Program Management (DPM) Services

  • Meet and greet arriving patient at the airport
  • Private transportation to the hotel
  • Pre-arrange hotel check-in
  • Private transportation to-and-from doctor consultation
  • Private transportation to-and-from medical procedure
  • Interpretation assistance at hospital or clinic if needed
  • Provide communication assistance, such as cell phone or 24 hour contact number
  • Check on recuperating patient daily once procedure is performed
  • Provide emotional support if necessary during visit
  • Assist with local tour and excursion arrangements
  • Provide information about local dining, shopping, and pampering facilities
  • Provide information about local culture and customs of destination
  • Assure that client is comfortable and content at all times
  • Deliver customer to airport for departure
  • Assist customer with baggage check-in upon departure
  • Arrange for Airport medical assistance upon departure if necessary

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide people with OPTIONS for excellent destination program management services in conjunction with MedRetreat, outside the U.S., with caring and skilled, English-speaking doctors and surgeons. Our commitment is to continue to be a PIONEER in this field and provide personalized support through our caring Concierge Services, both online as you prepare for your trip, up to your final moments in Brazil as you return home, and your journey, that much closer to completion.

We look forward to welcoming you to Brazil!

Christi de Moraes
MedNetBrazil President

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