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Acibadem Healthcare Group has been providing quality healthcare services with state-of-the-art medical technology since 1991. The Group has forged its place in the Turkish Healthcare Sector with innovative projects and great leaps forward that have brought about the understanding of quality service and professional expertise enhancing its importance in the healthcare sector.
Acibadem offers extensive healthcare services with over 6000 employees including 1200 physicians, through a network of 21 different locations including 6 hospitals, 7 medical centers, central laboratories and one ophthalmology center. With its current investments and expanding its healthcare chain continuously Acibadem has reached a total of 36 operating rooms and 717 – bed capacity being run on 105,000 sqm.
By the end of 2009 it is projected that Acibadem will have a total of 12 hospitals, 1,714 plus In-patient beds, and 80 operating rooms by adding 6 more hospitals to its healthcare network. A university hospital with a network of facilities, latest medical technology and quality services, Acibadem has built its reputation as one of the leading Private Healthcare Providers in Turkey and around the globe. Acibadem Healthcare Group is Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited, has a partnership with Harvard Medical International (HMI), and uses European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model to strengthen organizational approach.

Through its International Patient Center, Acibadem provides complete services for International Patients visiting its hospitals from countries outside Turkey. The Center is comprised of international experts that speak several languages including English, Russian, Spanish, Kyrgyz, Italian, Balkan languages, among others to help International Patients in their language from the time of their request, through the all inclusive medical coordination, until their time of checkout. 
In order to attain excellence, Acibadem expounds upon the medical results provided by their procedures and evaluates them according to worldwide standards. 

Special accomplishments of interest
  • Acibadem, in order to increase its healthcare service quality, has signed a partnership agreement with Harvard Medical International, which is the world’s most prominent institution in the fields of education and healthcare services development.
  • Acibadem has achieved the Joint Commission International's Standards and has received their JCI Accreditation on February 5, 2005.

The Acıbadem Healthcare Group's mission is to:
  • enrich the quality of human life in the community;
  • enhance the development of medical knowledge;
  • provide a full range of integrated, cost effective and high-quality healthcare services in a widespread medical tourism network;
  • support clinical research and scientific studies to enable the development and introduction of improved methods of healthcare delivery; and,
  • continue the development of knowledgeable, highly qualified and compassionate physicians and healthcare specialists.
Acibadem - The History of Istanbul's Largest Healthcare Network
1991 - Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital
1995 - Acıbadem Bağdat Caddesi Outpatient Clinic (has been serving in its new place in Caddebostan since January
1996 - Acıbadem Etiler Outpatient Clinic (located in Levent Nispetiye Avenue)
1998 - Acıbadem Soyak Outpatient Clinic (located in Göztepe)
2000 - Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital; Initial Public Offering
2001 - Acıbadem Central Laboratory
2002 - Acıbadem Education and Healthcare Foundation; Genetic Diagnostic Center; Centralized MIS
2003 - Acıbademköy; Acıbadem Ophtalmology Center; Harvard Medical Inc. cooperation; Cord Blood Bank; ISO 9001 Certificate; Central PACS (Radiology System)
2004 - Acıbadem Insurance; Acıbadem LabMed; Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital; Acıbadem Ophtalmology Hospital (as the first branch center of Acıbadem); EFQM (European Foundation For Quality Management) Certificate; Kalder – Participation in the national quality movement
2005 - JCI Accreditation Achieved; Acıbadem Bursa Hospital will be opened
2009 - Acıbadem Maslak Hospital opens

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Being established in 2000, Acibadem Hospital Bakirkoy, has 130-inpatient bed capacity, 4 ICU units with 24 beds. It has also 5 operating rooms as well as 1 operating room for medical travel emergency cases. The hospital has an intelligent building system that is monitored from different 6500 points. In addition, there are special designed labor & delivery rooms that allow patients to stay before the labor, during the labor and after the labor. Thanks to its helicopter runway and air ambulance, urgent cases are treated in a very short time period. 

Being established in 1991, Acibadem Hospital- Kadikoy, has 150-inpatient bed capacity and 4 ICU units with 24 beds. It has also 7 operating rooms. With its modern art architecture, the Hospital’s building is located on 16.000 square meter covered space. The hospital has an intelligent building system that is monitored from 3,000 different points.

Being established in 2004, Acibadem Hospital Kozyatagi, has come into service as the third hospital of the Acibadem Healthcare Group. The hospital, housing all the medical branches, is especially dedicated to providing the best possible care for health tourism patients with oncological and neurological disorders. This 12-story hospital including 13 thousand square meter covered space maintains a total bed capacity of 82. The hospital is dedicated to research and application in the field of neurological sciences, and contemporary medical applications in cancer treatment and surgery, bone marrow transportation, chemotherapy ad radiotherapy.


Being established in 2003, Acibadem Ophthalmology Hospital has 3 laser rooms and 1 operating room. Home of the leading eye health ophthalmologists, Acibadem Ophthalmology Hospital provides healthcare services to inpatients and outpatients in all sub branches relating to eye health. The Hospital is located on 1,500 square meter covered space.

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