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 Escalon / San Benito    

Escalón and San Benito are two neighborhoods (or “colonias” as they are called in El Salvador). These two “colonias” are characterized by having in their surrounding areas, the most exclusive medical tourism hospitals and clinics of the city, as well as the best restaurants and most attractive hotels. The two neighborhoods are separated by the La Mascota Street, where you can also find high level clinics. These three neighborhoods (Escalón, San Benito and Mascota) have a common denominator. Up until a few years ago, these were exclusive residential areas, which throughout time have become commercial. 

Activities in Escalon / San Benito 

Please be advised that you may not be able to participate in certain activities after receiving your medical travel treatment. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the appropriate activities in which you can participate.


You really get to see the city, the people, and the sites when you walk instead of taking a taxi. Go at a leisurely pace and enjoy the culture.


International hotel chains have their hotels both in Escalón and San Benito; also in that same zone, there are very attractive boarding houses for the health tourism patient. 

  • Courtyard by Marriott - Four-star hotel located at the Gran Vía Mall; this is a very nice area that draws together many restaurants, bars, movie theaters and stores for everyone’s taste. Courtyard by Marriott offers free wireless Internet access in each room, at the lobby and by the pool area. 
  • Radisson - This is a five-star hotel, which forms part of the World Trade Center complex. Radisson San Salvador offers a series of amenities and it also has wonderful gardens with an array of very colorful birds. A marvelous view of the San Salvador Volcano can be observed from the hotel’s terrace. 
  • Suite Las Palmas - Four-star hotel located at the Zona Rosa. Next to the hotel there are several restaurants, and exclusive shops. Suite Las Palmas is a boutique style hotel, decorated with very nice colors and a very modern style. It offers free internet access in each room.   


  • La Gran Vía  - Modern shopping center located near the Pan American Highway, very close by to Colonia San Benito. The mall has an open area that offers different spaces and a very agreeable pedestrian area, which lends itself to the pleasure and enjoyment of the clients; around this pedestrians area there are restaurants, bars discotheques, cafeterias, movie theaters, a hotel, department stores and boutiques,. At night, the restaurants offer live music that range from jazz to mariachis. There is a large variety of food available, which includes Japanese, Mexican, United States and Italian cuisine. The mall has a large covered parking lot for more than 2,000 cars.
  • Multiplaza - It is a very modern mall located to one side of the Pan American Highway, close to Colonia San Benito. This building was designed by the famous Mexican architect Ricardo Lagorreta; the Mall offers a mix of stores to shop at and enjoyment. It has two very important department stores, boutiques, banks, drugstores, etc., complemented by a very active area of bars, restaurants and discotheques and movie theaters. 


In Escalon / San Benito, you’ll find practically every type of cuisine represented.
France, Japan, Germany, Mexico and Italy are some of the countries represented in the varied gastronomy offered in San Benito and Escalón. However, one of the most recent trends are the “fusion” dishes; in other words, a new generation of local chefs who have studied in the United States or in Europe are now offering international dishes with their own local variations.

  • Aitana - A cozy restaurant with a minimalist style; it offers a large variety of dishes merging the flavors and colors of Europe and El Salvador. The chef and co-proprietor, Andrés Noubleau specialized in Spain and together with his wife Aitana, established the restaurant upon their return to El Salvador. We recommend that on a nice summer evening, you choose a table in the garden, under a pergola finely decorated with lights and tropical plants.
  • Alo Nuestro - Its Chef and proprietor Tomás Regalado specialized in California; upon his return to El Salvador, he established this restaurant and he offers international dishes that have a clear North American, Asian and Salvadoran influence. On a warm summer evening, we recommend choosing a table on the terrace under the Caimito tree.
  • Voilá - José Roberto, Chef and Owner of VOILA, specialized in Lyon, France. Upon his return to El Salvador, he and his wife Elsa opened up VOILA. At their restaurant, they offer traditional French dishes, some even include typical Salvadoran ingredients. The restaurant is also well-known for their excellent chocolate deserts.
  • Citron - Eduardo Harth is the Chef and Owner of CITRON. He specialized Washington DC. As the name of the restaurant states, the colors and citric flavors are predominant, both on his tables and the dishes offered in the menu. This restaurant is very elegant and decorated with a modern touch. At CITRON you can enjoy delicious gourmet international dishes with Asian and Latin influence.
  • Le Croissant - Authentically French Bistro, attended by his owners, Cyrill Beraud. Cyrill makes croissants, baguettes and other varieties of bread following the ancient recipes learned in his homeland, France. He is a specialist in deserts and makes some of the best truffles in the country, hand made, as well as other delicacies for those of you who enjoy sweets.
  • Divas - This restaurant is located at Colonia San Benito; it offers international dishes including sushi. It has a minimalist and modern, clean cut decoration. DIVAS is famous for its salad bar, because of the variety and quality of the ingredients it offers; the customer can choose what he prefers and once chosen, it is taken to the table.
  • Sal y Pimienta - Sal y Pimiento is a very nice bistro that offers a large variety of cold and hot sandwiches and salads. It is located at the Colonia San Benito, and inside, the restaurant is surrounded by a garden giving it a tropical touch. They offer live Jazz music every Friday evening. 

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