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monterrey mexico medical tourismMonterrey is Mexico’s third largest city and is considered as one of its most modern. Monterrey is referred to as the "city of mountains" as it is surrounded by many mountain ranges including the Sierra Madre. Monterrey lies in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains at an elevation of 1,800 feet above sea level. The area offers a breathtaking landscape containing many canyons, trails and roads crossing deserts and forests. The mountain view is spectacular and is dominated by Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mountain), which has come to be a symbol of the city.

Despite being nestled in such a rugged environment, there are many routes into and out of Monterrey, including excellent highways, railroads, and Monterrey’s international airport which offers daily flights to and from many cities in Mexico and the United States.

Monterrey is an excellent destination for medical tourism with its close proximity to the United States and highly developed modern infrastructure that looks like a typical North American City. It is a comfortable and convenient destination that is easy to navigate.
Activities in Monterrey


Please be advised that you may not be able to participate in certain activities after receiving your health tourism treatment. Mountain climbing, for example, doesn't always go hand-in-hand with heart-surgery. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the appropriate activities in which you can participate.
Adventure and Eco-Tourism
Monterrey has the distinct advantage of being located in a prime location for stunning landscapes encompassing high mountains, desert, forest, and low-lands. All these popular destinations are minutes away from downtown Monterrey and are great places to escape the monotony of the urban drama of Monterrey.
Twenty minutes from downtown Monterrey is Chipinique National Park, which is a must for nature lovers, hikers, climbers, bird watchers, and bikers.
Then there is La Estanzuela, a mountain oasis that is endowed with a multitude of beautiful streams and waterfalls that seem a universe away from the hustle and bustle of Monterrey yet are only twenty minutes form the center of town.
Then there is Presa de la Boca, a large man-made lake in the town of Santiago, which is approximately 45 minutes away from Monterrey. The tranquil scenery of Presa de la Boca is a popular destination for enjoying water sports and nice walks along the waterside trails.
Monterrey can easily compete for the shopping capital of Mexico. Here you will find just about anything you are looking for, but as great convenience to the medical tourist you will also find many of the same shops as you would in North America. With 10 modern malls, it is easy to stroll along in the comfort of air-conditioning.
There are also many places to find indigenous handcrafts and souvenirs, but the best place is Calle Morelos, next to Main Plaza.
Monterrey offers a wide variety of great sight-seeing options that you won’t want to miss during your stay. Cerro del Obispado was originally home of the Bishop de Monterrey and offers excellent views of the city. Then there is the Macroplaze, which is Mexico’s largest central plaza, where you will find a large garden lined with fountains, statues, and monuments. Around the Macroplaze are many historical buildings and museums, including the Mexican History Museum and the Monterrey Contemporary Museum.
Another popular destination for tourists to Monterrey is the Puente Colgante San Pedro, which is a futuristic suspension bridge set against a dramatic backdrop of mountains.
Then, not far from Monterrey is the Safari Paque Estrella, a wildlife safari park featuring treks through the Serengeti, and a petting zoo.
If you like spicy food, you will certainly enjoy eating in Monterrey. The cabrito is a popular dish that you may want to try, which are kid goats that are grilled over hot coals and slow roasted, then served with hot tortillas, fresh sliced onions, and house salsa. Another excellent dish is the atropellado, which is dry meat with tomato, onion and peppers.
As for the restaurants, you might want to check out La Huasteca, El Regio, and El Rey del Cabrito for more authentic Northern Mexican cuisine. La Casa del Maiz and El Tio are known for there more traditional Mexican flavors.

Things to Do Around Town
Take a walk - There are many areas of town that are great for walking. A very popular walk is Paseo Santa Lucia, which straddles the river in the heart of Monterey. Here you will find museums, paddle boats, along with a multitude of cozy river front restaurants.
See an open air concert – on the south side of Marco Plaza, free concerts with performance by local bands are available on Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm.
Take a Trolley Tour – an enjoyable way to see Monterrey is via an old fashion trolley. You can catch the trolley in from of the Howard Johnson hotel in Centro.
See a Bullfight – If you are up to it, you can see a live bullfight performance at the Plaza de Toros on Sundays, May through December.
Go Horseback riding – There are many places for horseback riding in the surrounding villages, such as Cola de Caballo. All riding clubs are private, but horses can be rented.
Visit a water park – Los Rodriquez Parque Acuatico is huge complex, consisting of 2 wave pools, slides, river with rapids, swimming pools, restaurants, and snack bars.
See a movie – the Centro Cultural Alfa contains a huge multi-theater complex featuring IMAX (super-wide) movies. 
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