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 Role of Facilitator    

Conscientious Insurance Companies and Employers offering self-funded healthcare benefits will use the services of Medical Travel Facilitators to best ensure successful outcomes.

As insurance companies and employers who self-fund their healthcare benefits begin to add foreign hospitals to their network, they'll start employing the services of Medical Travel Facilitators (MTF.) Facilitation is a very time consuming process essential to the success of medical travel. Since facilitation is not their core competency, it's best to leave the details to qualified facilitators with experience.

Here is a list of benefits you can expect when using the services of a bona fide medical travel facilitator.

      A reputable Medical Travel Facilitator:

  1. will seamlessly manage every aspect of the patient's entire medical retreat experience, from the first moment of contact, through full recuperation. They will coordinate the process and take care of the details such as flights and hotel reservations, scheduling doctors consultations, coordinating surgery appointments, arranging ground transportation in the destination, securely transferring confidential files -- i.e. X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, doctor's diagnosis, etc. to the foreign affiliates.
  2. spends approximately 20 hours, collectively as a company, to assist each patient in receiving their necessary services.
  3. makes over 120 points of contact with each patient to ensure proper education and preparation are provided, acknowledged and understood. 
  4. has traveled to all the destinations that they offer to conduct sight inspections of the hospitals, hotels, and destination program managers on your behalf. They know and understand the true conditions of each destination.
  5. has a strong relationship with their hospital affiliates that enable them to communicate directly with the executive staff if necessary -- to escalate any issues that require immediate attention and resolution.
  6. will quickly guide the patient's case through the assessment, quotation, scheduling, and planning process. The MTF remains proactive throughout the entire medical tourism process -- from first contact through complete recuperation.
  7. will represent you and negotiate on your behalf to ensure the most current, accurate information as well as the best pricing for all aspects of the patient's medical retreat.
  8. uses a strong, proven operational process to best coordinate all aspects of the medical travel program.
  9. will act as a liaison between the patient and their family and friends in North America, communicating their condition throughout their entire stay abroad.
  10. will coordinate and execute any changes that need to be made to the patient's medical retreat, at any time during the process.
  11. will make the communications process totally seamless. Instead of working with different cultures, languages, and time zones, you will work with Americans in your time zone, at your convenience.
  12. has a large base of past clients that can serve as a references for the doctors, hospitals, destinations, hotels, program managers, etc. 
  13. will offer a Low Risk Guarantee, which will enable the patient (and payer) to take a “leap of faith” in traveling abroad for their medical procedure without risking excessive financial loss in the event they decide not to go through with their procedure. * This guarantee passes along to the insurance company and/or employer as well.
  14. will provide the patient (and payer) with recourse throughout the entire process. You're backed by an organization that has strong relationships with their affiliates and receives preferential treatment.
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