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 Biz Envoy    

Bizenvoy is MedRetreat's medical tourism destination program manager  in Thailand. Bizenvoy is an organization that offers communication, translation, and negotiation services to visitors from all over the world.

Our professional team speaks both English and Thai. Our team understands Thai Businesses and Thai culture as well the demands and needs of travelers in every corner of the globe.. Though our team is comprised mostly of Thai nationals who are fluent both in English and Thai, one member of our team is a native English speaker who now lives in Thailand and has a thorough understanding of Thai culture.

If you do not have the time to learn the Thai Language and cultural nuances before deciding to travel to Thailand, we are here for you.

Even though the official “second language” of the Thai people is English, this does not mean that the average Thai citizen can speak English. In truth the majority of Thai citizens cannot speak any English at all. For the most part only the educated elite and those directly connected to the tourist industry are the only members of Thai society that have any proficiency in English. We however, have native Thai speakers who speak English well. In addition we also understand the major differences in Thai and Western culture and can help our customers get along smoothly in Thailand.

Our team also has years of experience in business and customer service so we are not only translators but we understand the needs of our customers too. Our team offers both Native Thai speakers who can speak English well, and native English speakers who can offer any assistance you might require.

If you worry about finding your way around in Thailand, we can help here too.

Thailand is not necessarily a difficult place for travel but if you are coming to Thailand for medical tourism for the first time, we have local people who are extremely knowledgeable about travel and locations in Thailand who are at your disposal. Bangkok (the capital of Thailand) at times can seem a bit overwhelming it is a very large city and finding your way around can be difficult at times. Even though there are over 70,000 taxis available 24 hours a day, not all taxi drivers have a thorough knowledge of the city and depend on the passenger for directions. Unfortunately most Taxi drivers in Bangkok do not speak English. Therefore it is wise to have a local native speaker with you. As Bangkok is such a large city, it is often more convenient to use other forms public transportation to avoid traffic. Bangkok has many forms of public transportation including about 15,788 local busses everyday, sky train, subway, and public boats. All of these forms of public transportation make getting around in Bangkok very easy but unless you speak the language you need someone local to assist you.
Thailand is a very beautiful country and there are many interesting things to see and do. Thailand welcomes tourists from all over the world and by and large the Thai people are generous and friendly. This is how Thailand got its well-deserved appellation as “The Land of Smiles”. It is important to remember however that Thailand is also very capitalistic. Please be aware that if you don’t have local people with you, you may pay a price for an item that is double or triple what a local person might pay for the same item, since you don’t have local face and can’t speak Thai.

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