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 Digitizing Medical Documents    
To provide you with a firm medical tourism quotation, we'll need to obtain your X-Rays for a more in-depth evaluation of your condition. To help accommodate this necessary task, we have contracted an independent service that will copy your X-Rays into a digital format for submission to our overseas medical travel facilities. This way, you will retain all your original copies for future reference.
This service is provided by Superior Imaging Services. We've negotiated a special health tourism package rate for you. Here is some basic information about their service.
Superior Imaging Services
Superior Imaging specialize in high quality, low cost x-ray duplication. All business is conducted professionally with the utmost respect for your confidentiality. With over 20 years experience, you can count on the highest quality copies every time. Send x-rays to us by FedEx or UPS and they will be copied and on their way back to you within 24 hours of arrival at their office.

Why Choose Superior Imaging?
  • Experience - Over 20 years of dependable service.
  • Price - A special package price has been established through MedRetreat.
  • Safety - They have an unblemished safety record.
  • Quality - The best copies every time.
  • Speed - Copies are on their way back the next business day.
Phone (Toll Free): 1-877-859-9069

The Next Step
Please send your x-rays to the following address:
Superior Imaging Services
131 South Emma
Ventura, CA 93003

Please note:
  • You have been assigned a Privacy # to allow transmission of your X-Rays to our server in accordance with the HIPAA Regulations. Please reference this number when submitting your X-Rays to Superior so they can safely and privately upload your files to our server for submission to our overseas physicians.
  • Also, include a check or money order payable to Superior Imaging Services based on the following rates.

MedRetreat Clients - X-Ray Digital Copy Pricing
$ 30.00  - This package includes:
  • Processing a digitized copy of your X-Ray
  • Digital copy sent electronically to MedRetreat for submission to your overseas doctor
  • Return U.S. Postal Service postage to send the original X-Rays back to you
$ 5.00 - Each additional X-Ray
Extra 1: To receive your originals back within 2 days via FedEx 2nd day air, add $10.00

Extra 2: For and additional $25.00, you can receive your digital X-Rays on a cd.

As you can see, there are many benefits to this process: 
  • You will be saving a substantial amount of money by utilizing this service as compared to transferring your original X-Rays via common carrier to various parts of the world
  • You'll have the flexibility to transfer these files electronically to more than one hospital facility at a time
  • Faster turn-around time to receive your diagnosis from the doctor
  • Your original copies will be safe and in your possession

Please call 1-877-859-9069 for more information

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