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Our Role:

Life Smile provides destination program management services to MedRetreat and their hospital affiliates.

Healthcare & Leisure Management:

Life Smile offers exclusive healthcare and leisure packages in association with MedRetreat, LLC. These packages include accommodations, transfers, personal bilingual assistance, leisure tour packages, personal communication devices and other selectable services - Certified Nursing or Paramedical Caretaker personal (Bilingual), car-bed, Ambulance Services, Personal Chef, Personal Entertainment devices, Short time Hobby / Art classes, 24 X 7 Life smile services center connectivity.
Personal Bilingual Assistance:

Life smile provides a personal language translator to assist throughout the India stay. This person (completely bilingual) will welcome you at the airport on arrival in India, take you to your Hotel, accompany you to the Pre-Procedure Consultations, and stay with you in the medical center throughout the consultations, procedure, post-Procedure recovery period, city tours and would finally accompany you to airport for the departure. He/she will provide you with cellular phone and 24x7 Life Smile services telephone number for any emergency. He/she will happily accompany you to any other places you may want to visit: Entertainment parks, places of worship, restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping malls, gardens, exhibitions, clubs, places of interest, theaters, local events, museums, local souvenir stores etc.


Life smile offers you city transfer services as per your choice and requirement by luxury car, for your comfort during transfers car-bed service can be hired. If required, ambulance service with emergency services staff or an Air ambulance service can also be hired.

Personal communication devices:

Life smile can provide Prepaid cell phone, Internet ready Laptop computer on rental basis. Cellular phone is provided on your arrival at the airport in India to keep in touch with your family, friends and Life smile.


Our partner tour operators (recognized by the Department of Tourism) can provide you with all the information regarding tourism possibilities in India, make all the necessary reservations to make your tour a pleasant, comfortable and memorable experience. You can choose your tour options while you are in India.

Certified Nursing, Paramedical and caretaker personal (Bilingual): For pre-procedure care and post-procedure recovery period at your accommodation on 24x7 or part time basis.

Personal Chef:

To serve you better as a personal choice of taste, hygiene or in case of pre-procedure or post-procedure recovery period dietary restrictions / requirement. In case you do not opt for a personal chef, Life Smile takes care to instruct the restaurant/Kitchen at your accommodation regarding the dietary restrictions/requirement (if any) as per your Doctor’s recommendations.

Personal Entertainment devices:

Personal cassette player, MP3/CD Player, VCD/DVD Player etc.

Short time Hobby/Art Classes:

During post -procedure recovery period you can take advantage of developing a hobby, Art & Craft classes or personality development sessions (on personal basis at your accommodation/group classes) in case you always wanted to learn painting, singing, dance, musical instrument, Yoga, Meditation, a healing therapy, advanced computer applications, Indian temporary tattoo art etc.

24x7 Life Smile services center connectivity:

Ensures the prompt availability of any additional services required, replacement or changes in the services, suggestions and complaints (if any).

In addition to these services, Life Smile would be pleased to arrange for you any other specific service as per your requirement and preferences.

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