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 Piyavate Hospital    

998 Rimklongsamsen Rd.
Bangkapi, Huay-kwang,
Bangkok 10320 THAILAND

Piyavate Hospital , a private hospital, is located on Rama IX Road in West-Central Bangkok , approximately 1 km. from the The Mass Communication Organization of Thailand Intersection, on more than 3 acres of land. The hospital is a modern 27-story building with over 500 indoor parking spaces, which can be accessed conveniently from the International Airport and all points in Bangkok .

The Piyavate Hospital Project was originated by the Hoontrakul Family, founders of the Imperial Group of Hotels. Other major original share holders included primary lenders that provided approximately 800 million Baths syndicated loan secured by the property. The construction of the hospital building was completed in 1993 and fully equipped with the latest modern medical and surgical equipment.

During Thailand 's financial crisis of 1996, the hospital suffered financially due to its huge capacity load and strong competition from other hospitals in the area, primarily Bangkok General and Rama IX. As a result the Hoontrakul Family brought in a new investor, the Yoowidhya Family, founders and owners of the highly successful energy drink franchise “Red Bull”. The Yoowidhya Family took a small stake in the hospital and then substantially increased their shareholding taking a 50% stake in the hospital in 2001.

Mission :

To be the medical tourism hospital that always strives for the best in each specialized field and seek the best medical travel solutions to deliver the results that is most satisfactory to health tourism patients.

Corporate Plan:

Piyavate Hospital plans to increase the number of available inpatients beds up to 300 beds within 5 years, whereas 50% will be allocated to accommodate domestic patients and another 50% will be for international patients. The highlight will be the Perfect Heart Institute, Bone & Joint Center , Plastic Center , Dental Center , Cancer Center and Women Center is scheduled to be in full operation by the end of 2005. The Centers will provide services using the most sophisticated tools and latest technology to obtain best results for all patients.


To assure all patients that when they come to Piyavate Hospital for medical treatments, they will receive the best care at a very reasonable cost while yielding the very satisfactory results.

It is the hospital's management priority to make sure that the best doctors, most modern equipments and supporting human resources will always be available to properly treat the patients.


In the midst of 2004, Piyavate Hospital repositioned itself from being just another general hospital to be the “Centers of Excellence” concentrating on providing high quality specialty services while maintaining other medical services.

The Piyavate Hospital medical staff is comprised both American Board and Thai Board Certified Physicians in every specialty field, supported by highly qualified registered nurses, technicians and administrative personnel. The hospital provides medical services using modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment, accredited by the International Standards Organization (ISO 9001-2000).

At every service point, the sophisticated Medical Information System is installed to provide prompt, accurate and reliable information, from registration through financial services.



Complete Specialized Services Spine surgery

In cases of herniated disc or spinal stenosis, an expert surgeon can remove excess bone material and the disc that is compressing nerves and causing discomfort or numbness. In some cases, spinal fusion may be necessary. The use of intervertebral cages will improve spinal stability. Under optimal conditions patients can recover full motor skills within 2-3 days.

Spine center

  • Spine surgery
  • Cause and treatment of low back pain
  • Navigator system in spinal surgery
  • Osteoporosis
  • Disc Prosthesis

Joint replacement center

  • Total knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder

Minimal invasive surgery

  • Knee arthroscope, hip, elbow, endosuite

General orthopedic services

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fracture,trauma,arthritis diagnosis and treatment, pediatric, hand and microscope


The Dental Center at Piyavate Hospital offers a comprehensive range of specialties including Root Canal, Gum Disease, Orthodontics, Prosthesis, Oral and Maxillofacial Periodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.


Our state-of-the-art visual imaging provide quick, reliable and accurate support to our doctors in aiding diagnosis. We can perform CT-scans, Mammography, Ultrasound, and more.


Our 24-hour emergency medicine department offers 15 beds and all necessary on-site equipment to handle traumas. Our in-house ambulance service is staffed with professional paramedics and can save precious minutes in life-threatening situations.


The Problem of Infertility

To fulfill family life, the supreme desire of all couples everywhere is to have a child. But with changing modern lifestyles, having a child is often postponed due to instable family conditions, and so desire and reality are reversed. When at last the time seems right to have a child, nature can deny the couple the gift of life.

The State of Infertility

The state of infertility means the inability to conceive after having regular sexual intercourse (twice a week) without contraception for one year or more. Should a couple have sexual intercourse only once a month, they cannot be considered to be infertile.

The cause of infertility can be due to either the man or the woman. Generally, 70%-80% of infertility cases result from the woman, while 30%-40% are due to the man. There are also 10%-20% of cases in which the cause is unexplained. Therefore, both men and women should be examined at the same time and treated by specialists.

Basically in the case of men, physicians will test sperm for both quantity and quality. For women, they will have a hormone examination and an internal check for any abnormality of the womb or ovary. In addition, there will be an ultra-sound test of the pelvis, and an angiogram to determine whether or not the tube is constricted.

If no unusual symptoms are found in the basic examination, physicians will offer consultation or prescribe drugs to activate the egg. Meanwhile, physicians will also calculate the date of ovulation and decide which is the most conducive time for natural fertilization.

Medical Technology

1. IUI is the reduction of the distance between sperms and egg. This method also solves the problem of viscousness of the womb. Physicians will make an appointment with the couple on the ovulation day, when healthy sperms will be selected and injected into the womb through a plastic tube.

2. IVF is external fertilization. An activated egg will be taken out from the wife's ovary and placed in a special container, and then be fertilized by sperms from the husband. If the fertilization is successful, the egg will be nurtured for 2-3 days before being injected back into the womb.

3. GIFT is similar to IVF, but the wife must have an operation in order to remove the egg from the womb and then replace it after fertilization. However, with this method physicians cannot determine whether the fertilization has been successful or not.

4. ICSI is employed when the sperms are severely abnormal. In this case, the physician will select only one of the healthiest sperms and inject it into the egg for fertilization.

Specialists will consult with each couple to discuss the benefits and effects of each method and determine which is the most suitable depending on the specific problem.

Selecting the Child's Sex

In the past, the child's sex was totally dependent on nature, but today medical science enables couples to select the sex of their child. Moreover, it is now possible to cut off any abnormal chromosomes so as to protect the child from abnormality. In the process of IVF, physicians can select and inject only Y chromosomes to fertilize the egg (if a male is desired) with a 60%-70% chance of success. Alternatively, if a female is desired, only X chromosomes will be injected, in which case the chance of success is 80%-90%.


The Institute comprises of one of the largest qualified Cardiology group practice in South East Asia. It is a home of the most advanced equipments and state-of-art technology. Cardiologists, Cardiothoracic surgeons, and Anesthesiologists are well trained and have experience from the USA and Australia.


Piyavate Hospital offers clean, comfortable rooms for our patients. Available in VIP, Deluxe, or Regular, all rooms are equipped with hydraulic beds and are designed to maximize comfort.


Piyavate's hemodialysis department provides full support for chronic and renal-failure patients, with computer-aided dialysis machines and a commitment to the comfort of all renal failure patients.


Intensive care means intensive treatment, and our ICU is staffed with plenty of specially-trained staff who maintain constant awareness and apply all necessary treatments for our most critical patients.


Diseases of the internal organs can be treated by our specialists, who provide consultation and care for all patient needs. Preventive screening measures and check-ups are also available to identify internal ailments in early stages.


Our Automated Analysis Machine reduces human errors and increases speed in obtaining important laboratory results, so you wait less while being assured of accuracy.


Innovative Treatment for Women

All women have fragile bodies, particularly the internal system which is so delicate. During the reproductive age, women are at risk from abnormal functioning of the sexual organs, which can give rise to diseases, including infections, tumors in the womb, and fascia in pelvis.

With care and concern for women, Piyavate Hospital offers a Laparoscopic Surgery Center , staffed by experienced specialists and equipped with the latest medical technology, to support and treat women who suffer from these diseases.

Resulting from a dedicated combination of technology and medical expertise, laparoscopic surgery enables physicians to reduce the size of a surgical wound. The technology also reduces the occurrence of complications after the surgery, such as separation of the wound, inflammation or purulence, to a far greater degree than with normal surgery.

For these reasons, renowned hospitals are increasingly choosing to treat their patients by this method. Since women are the gender of beauty, it is especially suitable for them as it does not cause a large wound resulting in an ugly scar.

Our Technology, Your Option

The Laparoscopic Surgery Center at Piyavate Hospital is the most complete and up-to-date facility of its kind in Thailand . Experienced teams of specialists use a high-power enlarging laparoscope that can look through the deep and narrow parts of the abdomen to examine internal organs. This method allows specialized treatment, and reduces both harm to important organs around the surgery site and complications after surgery. As proficiency is the most important factor in laparoscopic surgery, Piyavate Hospital provides the most highly qualified specialists for all patients.

Laparoscopic surgery is able to treat virtually all gynecological diseases with the exception of those with severe growth, such as advanced cancer, a watermelon size of tumor in the womb, or for somebody who has excess fascia that binds the womb and intestine. These cases may need to be treated by normal surgery. However, the medical profession agrees that laparoscopic surgery is the best option for women when proposed by a physician.

Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery

When laparoscopic surgery is compared with normal surgery, the obvious difference between them is the size of the wound, it being notable smaller in the case of the former. The diameter of the wound in laparoscopic surgery is approximately 1 centimeter for inserting the laparoscope. Then, it will cause another two or three wound sites sized between 5-6 millimeters for inserting other instruments. By comparison, normal surgery produces a wound approximately 4-5 inches long. Moreover, the laparoscope is able to enlarge a physicians' vision up to 20-30 times, so the accuracy of treatment is greatly increased. It also decreases harm to the kidneys, the urinary bladder, and the methodintestine organs around the womb. Finally, after completing surgery, physicians can use the laparoscope to check every detail for accuracy.

Due to the small size of the wound, discomfort after surgery is slight and patients recover more quickly. The period of hospital convalescence may be for only 1-2 days, while convalescence after normal surgery can take up to 1-2 months.

Normally, patients are able to return to their normal lives after only 1-2 weeks following laparoscopic surgery. Moreover, complications after surgery are very few compared with normal surgery. Accordingly, most patients these days will choose to undergo treatment by this method rather than by normal surgery.


Our reproductive health services include all pre-natal, delivery and post-natal procedures, as well as fertility treatments. Piyavate can also provide diagnostic detections for breast or cervical cancer along with regular gynecological check-ups.


The Oncology and Gene Therapy Center provides complete medical examination for early detection of cancer using new and advanced technology, and the best treatment by experienced American Board Certified physicians, nurse specialists and technicians. The on-site Research and Development Laboratory on Gene Therapy is one of Piyavate’s special interest in identifying the best possible treatment for specific individuals.


Regardless of age, gender, or culture, everyone wants to look their best. Your appearance affects your personality and self-confidence, which impacts your success in life. An unsightly appearance or blemish, genetic or acquired, can reduce quality of life and even cause depression. It can feel like an unfair burden to carry.

For many, cosmetic surgery is a safe and reasonable way to enhance or improve one's appearance.

When you're ready for a change

Before considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to understand what you want and what is required to achieve it.

For best results it is important that your first cosmetic surgery accomplishes what you want. At Piyavate Hospital , we pay attention to every detail in both consultation and medical procedures, so that you get exactly what you want as easily as possible.

Solve problems, create confidence

Improvements can be made to single eyelid folds or baggy eyelids. The shape of one's face can be altered through the shape of the nose, mouth and chin. Prominent ears can be reshapes. Aging faces can be lifted. Breasts can be enhanced. Excess fat in body parts, especially in the abdominal area, hip, thigh and back, can be safely removed.

These problems can be solved according to your specific needs. Our experienced surgeons can give you the precise changes you want without complications, error, or excessive recovery time.


Patients can consult with our experienced surgeons directly, without charge. This consultation helps the surgeon understand the real needs and requirements of the patient and inform the patient about important details of the procedure.

Setting clear expectations from any operation, as well as creating mutual trust, understanding and expectation between patient and doctor is crucial. Piyavate Hospital also has a brief and quick handling process to assure the privacy of our cosmetic surgery patients.

Complete specialized services Piyavate Hospital offers:

State-of-the-art operation rooms

Whether for facial or breast surgery, gender dysphorhea or liposuction, we have state-of-the-art operation facilities that meet all requirements. Most operations are minimally invasive and don't require hospitalization. Local anesthesia is used when possible, but general anesthesia can be administered safely if necessary or preferred.

Fully equipped and totally sterile

All medical equipment at Piyavate Hospital is cleaned and maintained to the highest international standards.

Close attention from medical staff

In addition to our high standards in medical service, all cosmetic patients will receive close attention and friendly service from our entire medical staff.


Piyavate's surgical facilities are of the highest standards for not just equipment, but cleanliness, ventilation and special tools for complex surgery. New technologies for minimally invasive surgery is available to our staff of surgeons.

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