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As your medical travel time may be quite extensive on your medical tourism journey, we thought you would appreciate receiving some information about how to help pass the time. Since you are making great efforts to repair your physical body, perhaps you'd like to consider learning about the importance of understanding how your mental and emotional self works too. So, if you're ready, let's move along. 

Please allow us to introduce you to Guy Finley

life of learning

Mr. Finley is today's brightest voice in the field of self-realization, showing men and women how to find a life of freedom, enduring fulfillment, and true purpose. He is the author of over 30 books, booklets, and audio albums, including the internationally successful, The Secret of Letting Go (over 400,000 copies sold worldwide). His works have sold over a million copies and have been translated into 9 languages. Nightingale-Conant, the world's largest producer of motivational books on tape, calls Guy Finley, " of the leading experts at the forefront of human potential." And Barnes and Noble has stated, "Guy Finley has helped millions live fuller, more peaceable lives."
Guy's career reached this point through a circuitous path. Born into a successful show business family, he is the son of late-night talk show pioneer and radio celebrity, Larry Finley. His childhood friends were the sons and daughters of major celebrities. As a young man Guy enjoyed success in a number of areas, including composing award-winning music for many popular recording artists, motion pictures, and episodic television. From 1970-1979 he wrote and recorded his own albums for the prestigious Motown and RCA record labels.
Throughout his youth, Guy suspected there was more to life than the type of worldly success that led to the emptiness and frustration he saw among his own friends and colleagues. In 1979, after travels to India and parts of the Far East in search of truth and Higher Wisdom, Guy voluntarily retired from his flourishing career in order to simplify his life and continue his inner studies.
Over the last 25 years Guy has been featured on nearly 500 radio and TV shows around the country including Sally Jesse Raphael, PBS, Entertainment Tonight, Coast to Coast Live with Art Bell, NPR, David Essel Live, and the Wisdom Channel. His writings have also been featured as "Today's Pick" in USA Today.
To learn more about Guy Finley, and his non-profit Life of Learning Foundation, please visit the following Web site link:
Here are a few purchase suggestions to begin your journey with Guy:
Let Go and Live in the Now (Book $14.95) 

Only the Fearless are Free (6 Audio Cassettes - $29.95)

The Secret of Letting Go (Book $10.95)

Living Now: Secrets of the Extraordinary Life (5 Audio Tapes or 9 CDs - $24.95)

We know you'll enjoy Guy's profound wisdom during your health tourism journey. It points the way to an extraordinarily different way of a whole new kind of success and confidence that cannot be shaken by this world.

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