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 Morris Design    

Morris Designs Inc.
2216 Commerce Pkwy
Virginia Beach, Va. 23454  
Ph: 1-800-766-5578
Fax: 1-757-463-9349

Designing and manufacturing attractive and comfortable post-operative compression wear is only a small part of our business. Service to our customers (doctors, patients, hospitals and clinics) is our number one priority. Custom orders are our specialty, odd sizes are not a problem, and we are aware that "one size does not fit all."
The quality of our garments is maintained by using only the finest compression material available and by the employment of experienced and dedicated seamstresses.

Our commitment to "making healing more appealing" is more than our motto. We are proud of our success over the past 21 years. We will continue designing new garments for the future.

The Morris Designs Support Team

Please visit our website at:

For immediate assistance, please call us toll free at 1-800-766-5578

Outside of the U.S call +1-757-463-9400.

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