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 Cell Phone - Abroad    
Welcome to the smartest way to make cell phone calls when traveling abroad on your medical tourism journey! Cellular Abroad offers an intelligent alternative to traditional, high-cost worldwide cellular communication. Please take a few minutes to read this brief overview which illustrates how inexpensive and simple it can be to make and receive cellular calls while overseas during your medical travel experience.

Cellular Abroad allows you to take advantage of the local cell phone rates in the country or countries to which you will be traveling for health tourism. This revolutionary concept is unlike previous international cell phone options which were limited to renting a phone at the airport or paying expensive roaming rates through your current cell phone provider. All outgoing call rates are usually just fractions of a dollar per minute - even for international calls back to the US - plus, in nearly every country, you get unlimited, FREE incoming calls to your cell phone regardless of the call origin.
You will receive a $10.00 discount as a client of MedRetreat. To redeem this discount:
  • when ordering online, enter promo code: medretreat10
  • when ordering by phone, call 1-800-287-3020, mention promo code: medretreat10
For more information about CellularAbroad's products and services, please visit the following link:

To purchase a SIM Card for your existing GSM phone, please click below:


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