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 International Calling Card    
As you will be traveling abroad for medical tourism, and wishing to keep in touch with your family and friends, we would like to introduce you to a low cost telephone calling alternative.

As long distance calls from your hospital or hotel room to the U.S. can be in excess of $2.00/minute, iDPhoneCard will afford you the option of calling home for as low as $ .05 /minute, depending on the origin of your call. And, you can use this card when calling long distance from the U.S. as well. So, you may continue to use this card when you return home from your medical travel journey, for an unlimited period of time. In essence, you will never waste any unused credits.


ere is some basic information about iDPhoneCard:
  • iDPhoneCard is a prepaid long distance service accessible from over 50 countries around the world
  • No minimum charges, No maintenance charges, No connection fees, No expiry date, No contracts or any hidden charges. (There is only a 50-90 cents FCC charge for making calls from pay phones)
  • iDPhoneCard can be used from any phone line, such as cell phones, home phones, office phones, pay phones, hotel rooms, etc.
  • iDPhoneCard allows up to 8 phone lines under the same account. You can make PIN free calls from up to 8 registered lines
  • Your account can be recharged within seconds over the internet or by phone
  • Automatically recharge your account once your balance falls below a certain amount
  • Make international calls to any health tourism country from U.S. or Canada using one iDPhoneCard account. You can also use the same account to make calls from over 50 countries back to the U.S. and Canada or any other country worldwide
  • Online access to call history details
  • One Minute Rounding
  • Fully refundable when you close your account
  • Accounts to be used until your last penny
  • No need to change your local long distance company
  • You can add iDPhoneCard to your existing phone lines
  • You can use it from your cell phone and avoid paying the high cost of long distance calls
  • Detailed monthly billing viewable online

The Next Step
Please visit the following site to receive more information and purchase your card:

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